Icinga for Windows and Icinga for Linux

Hi team

We have Icinga environment , where all our Satellite servers are in linux. Is it possible to add a windows Satellite server to this environment.?

I was looking for hyper-v failover monitoring , where i was able to see the document for icinga for windows? have anyone configure with icinga linux. could you please help to guide ,how to setup failover monitoring
Arun Thomas

Unfortunately, Windows is not supported for running icinga as satellite.

@rsx do you have any evidence for that statement?
In the guide for distributed Monitoring[1] there is only a note that “Windows is not supported for a master node setup.”

[1] Distributed Monitoring - Icinga 2 Section: “master setup

Unfortunately, It’s not well documented (or I’m not able to find it), but one of the developer stated here.

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