Icinga Exchange Login with Github Problem

So recently i changed my mail adresses in Github. Today i figured out that this now prevents me from signing into Icinga Exchange. The following Error is shown:

Username Already Taken
Your Github username “wernerfred” is already in use on Icinga Exchange.

If this is your account, the email address associated to you in our system differs from the one we have received from Github. Just click here and we will send a mail to w*****f@oldmaildomain to verify you are the owner of this account.

If this is not your account please enter a new username.

So sadly i cannot sign into my old mail so solve the issue by myself. Is there any way a developer/maintainer of Icinga Exchange can transfer the ownership or just update my mail in the exchange account?

Thank you in advance!


I’ve set the email you’ve used here also in Icinga Exchange now. You should be able to authenticate with Github again.

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Thank you! It works, i can sign in again.