Icinga director

Hello All,
I had Icinga version 2.8.4 the I had upgraded with the director module.And now somethings really messed up.Is there any way to shut the director and go back to the old icinga which was running fine.Till i figure out exactly what needs to be resolved.
Please help

You should be able to use Director and restore to a previous working config: Icinga Director > Deployments. You can see the generated configs there and choose accordingly.

If you’re trying to resolve a config issue, it would be helpful if you could share the error message or more details and perhaps someone could help sort it out?


If it’s a bad deployment @leeclemens 's solution should help.

If something is wrong with the director there are things to consider, but there’s no information on what is “really messed up”.

Assuming you haven’t applied any schema migrations to the Director’s DB, you might try using git to roll back Director (and supporting modules) to the version that last worked for you. Then again, maybe applying the schema migration might fix your issue.

If you’ve already applied the schema migrations, I’m not sure that you can easily undo them without a database backup, but you might start digging into the code to see what changes were applied and undo them on the DB before rolling back Director (and supporting modules) versions.

If none of these solutions work, some additional information on what you are encountering may help us be able to provide a solution to power through the problem.

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