Icinga Director variables

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to use Manubulon SNMP plugins and configure them through Icinga Director.
In general, it works, but I have an issue with assigning SNMP Community variable in Service template. I’m trying to have something like this:

template Service "snmp-template" {
  vars.snmp_community = ManubulonSnmpCommunity

I went to Icinga DirectorCommandsExternal Commands and found snmp-memory check and I’ve added snmp_community field from the list.

If I go to Icinga DirectorData Fields I see snmp_community field there.

In Icinga DirectorService Templates I have added snmp-template like this:

template Service "snmp-template" {

with added vars.snmp_community = ManubulonSnmpCommunity field declared as snmp_community in Fields menu.

My check is still using public community. I was trying to change this in the code and it works, but I would like to have a more clean setup.
Is this the correct way of using variables with director?