Icinga - Director sync rules lack Data fields and Data field categories


I’m trying to import a buch of ‘Data Fields’ into director via Import Source (currently a csv from fileshipper module) and a Sync Rule (where the missing object should be).

similar post is of no use, as people endup importing icinga objects (hosts, services , … with custom vars and the like); but not Director ‘Data Fields’ nor ‘Data field categories’

Is this a missing feature? a per-design unsupported issue? or is there a proper way to import Data fields and Data categories into Director?

Desired ‘director-objects’

Allowed imports:

(Data list entry is the only one visible on the Sync rule | Create fields | object Type)

from browser dev tools, the combo list to select the object type can be extracted:

   <option value="">- please choose -</option>
    <option value="host">Host</option>
    <option value="hostgroup">Host Group</option>
    <option value="service">Service</option>
    <option value="servicegroup">Service Group</option>
    <option value="serviceSet">Service Set</option>
    <option value="user">User</option>
    <option value="usergroup">User Group</option>
    <option value="datalistEntry" selected="selected">Data List Entry</option>
    <option value="command">Command</option>
    <option value="timePeriod">Time Period</option>
    <option value="notification">Notification</option>
    <option value="scheduledDowntime">Scheduled Downtime</option>
    <option value="dependency">Dependency</option>
    <option value="endpoint">Endpoint</option>
    <option value="zone">Zone</option>

Can Data Fields and its categories be imported at all?
Is there a way to do so?

Thanks in advance,

  • Director version (System - About):
Name director
State enabled
Version 1.10.2
Git commit 2f76c38005ea395a78cfad124e4d6cbc8aa356b4
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules (System - About):
|Icinga Web 2 Version|2.11.4|
|Git commit|11453bfa92a70a44efbf7f966f5e7f27e9300a28|
|PHP Version|7.3.29|

## Loaded Libraries


## Loaded Modules

  • Icinga 2 version (icinga2 --version):
icinga2 - The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon (version: 2.13.2-1)

Copyright (c) 2012-2023 Icinga GmbH (https://icinga.com/)
License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later <https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl2.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

System information:
  Platform: CentOS Linux
  Platform version: 7 (Core)
  Kernel: Linux
  Kernel version: 3.10.0-1160.80.1.el7.x86_64
  Architecture: x86_64

Build information:
  Compiler: GNU 4.8.5
  Build host: runner-hh8q3bz2-project-322-concurrent-0
  OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2k-fips  26 Jan 2017
  • Operating System and version:
  • Webserver, PHP versions

I have the same issue. I would like to import many Data Fields and Data Field Categories from our CMDB, but there is no option to do so.