Icinga director - Monitor several Linux partitions with their own disk threshold

I have a server monitored by check_disk which has multiple disks. By default all disks are listed in results with the same thresholds. As some of the disks are large, e.g. 10 TB, so a threshold with 10% is not relevant for that disk and I would like to adjust it per-disk.
I haven’t found a way how to configure different thresholds per disk in Icinga director (despite adding separate services for separate disks).

e.g. I looked at the following threads, but haven’t found anything regards director:

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you got two options …

  1. have one check per disk. then you can even template the limits (like 10% for system disk, 10GB for data disk etc.)
  2. add a hole heap of custom options to the check to set different warning/critical limits
    option 2) is reasonable if you need that onle on very vew hosts, i’d go with option 1. then you can easily override limits for each check as needed

Thanks @fireba11 . In the meantime I had implemented already option 1 as I thought this is most likely the best way to go :slight_smile: