Icinga Director - Kickstart Wizard: Could not resolve host (RestApiClient.php:143)

I’m trying to configure Icinga Director via Web GUI, but at the moment I’m stuck because the kickstart wizard gives me this error:

Now, I’ve already seen on different posts that other people have already encountered the “CURL ERROR: permission denied” or “CURL ERROR: Failed to connect” but I can’t seem to find anyone that has found and/or solved this with the “Could not resolve host”, if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

  • Operating System and version: Ubuntu 22.10

is icinga2 on the same machine?
if yes set icingahost to

I tried setting the Icinga Host to like you said and now the error message changed to: “I found no Endpoint object called demo-icinga on (KickstartHelper.php:360)” so I guess that the configuration until now is missing this “Endpoint Object”, but througout the whole set-up it never asked me to set an Endpoint Object, so how can I solve this?
Thanks in advance

did you setup the icinga node using icinga2 node wizard?

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Just found out, thanks to your reply, I could simply use the icinga2 node wizard!
The tutorial I was following didn’t pass that part so I didn’t know it, thank you very much!