Icinga Director Deployments stays pending

Hello I wanted to clean up my Icinga2 and delete old hosts. I work with the Icinga Director. After I deleted everything necessary I rolled out the changes via the activity log. Since then they are stuck in the deployment. Can anyone help me with this?

Is the icinga-director service running?

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A second time thank you for your help. i will test the possibility once. But what I do not quite understand is the following? Where should I copy the content shown?

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Just execute the three lines in your screenshot.
The first line sets the variable MODULE_PATH, the second copies the icinga-director.service file from the module directory to the location where systemd expects service files and the third line basically makes the new service file known to systemd.

After this you can enable and start the service with systemctl enable icinga-director.service --now

I could have come up with this idea as well. I work as you have surely noticed not long with Icinga ;). All deployments have been run now. However, all failed with the following error Config validation failed. Re-run with ‘icinga2 daemon -C’ after fixing the config.

I have already run Icinga2 daemon -C. Only a few warnings are issued only Apply Rule. Nothing more.

if icinga daemon -C shows no errors also take a look at the logs under /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log and check if there are any errors in there.

It tries to connect to the endpoint again, which I don’t understand… The server no longer exists (test environment pi) and should now also be removed from icinga. The error occurs with Cannot connect to host … to port…: Operation aborted

Please share the part from the logs, the content of your zones.conf file and a screenshot of the log from the failed deployment in the director.

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I apologise for the late reply. Please find attached a screenshot of the current problem from the Icinga director.

You seem to have a variable somewhere, where you configure the hostnames that should be parents for dependencies.
And the host “blurred text” :wink: isn’t a host object any more, so the creation of the dependency fails.

Simply remove the host from the variable and the config should build without problems