Icinga Director Deployment stays pending

Hi all,
I just installed icinga2 un ubuntu server with icingaweb2 and the icinga director.
=> so this is a complete empty, new system.
Then I started the kickstart wizard and all the services where imported into the icinga director. After that i wanted to deploy the imported services but the deployment never ends!

Does anyone has an idea what the problem could be?

Thank you very much in advanced

HI @Gigi,

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I dont use the director myself, But have you looked at the icinga logs?
Perhaps it could be a simple permission error on a folder somewhere.

Hi @Gigi,

Here are some points to check, what it could be:

  • Did you create an API user for the director with enough permissions? After you have to add it under “Icinga Director” -> “Infrastructure” -> “Icinga api users”.
  • Di you assign this API user to the config master? You do this under “Icinga Director” -> “Infrastructure” -> Endpoints" -> select your config master and edit them. In the drop down menue you choose the api user.
  • Did you put the correct data to the kickstart menue?

Hello together,

thank you all for you quick reply.
I just could solve the problem:

The icinga director daemon was not installed and not running.
After installing and running the service the deployment works fine.

Thank you.