Icinga director commands arguments

Hi all,

i would like create the new Commands (check_https), that is the classic check_http with arguments.

If i lookig on the External Commands to http check in preview mode, then the command included all arguments.

So, if i create new own Command (the name is https), then the new command not included arguments. It is possible import the arguments to this new command ?

Many thanks

Yes, that is a bit confusing, that the arguments are not shown when a command is imported.
I stumbled upon this some time back and created a request on github for this:

But if you import the http command into your own https you can use those args.
I would suggest you add the variable fields (via the fields tab) to the http command. After this you will see those fields in you https command and can use/fill them

Ok, thanks,

I tried clone the External Command http to new https check and all arguments are now inherited.