Icinga Director cant add service-template to service-set

Apparently i somehow destroyed my icinga-director Service sets.

First things first:
I created a service-set and added 3 service templates to it and assigned it to a host-template.
So far so good, all 3 services are beeing executed as they should.
I then moved forward and created a 4th service-template with the check command iostat.
I tried adding it, but the service didnt show up in the overview.
After trying to readd, i got the follow error, because director thought that the service-template is already there.
→ Trying to recreate icinga_service (“{“service_set_id”:“2”,“object_name”:”

If i click on services within the serviceset, my 3 services are showing like they should.
When i click on service within serviceset and add the service-template, i can only see the iostat template within services. I then have to go out of director tab and switch back in. Then i see my 3 templates that already have been there, but iostat is not there. I cant find where it is, and i dont undertand why it shows me that is there when i create it (AND it doesnt show the others) but when i reopen it, vice versa.

Funny enough, now when i click on any of my 3 service-templates, they state a “not found error” in the director.
I have no clue why this occured, because i was following the documentation and it did work. Except when i started to add iostat.

Does anybody have a clue why that could have happened? If you need any information / Log input, feel free to ask me for it.

I will try to investigate it on my own, but its kind of frustrating as i dont know where to start.

Service Set - preview shows all templates except iostat. (Makes it even more confusing that director shows not found error.+

This happens when i click on any of the service-templates within services in the serviceset:

All 3 services showing, and they are beeing executed, they are also showing in the preview. But somehow i cant open them. Therefore im not even able to delete them. I could remove and add the whole service set, but thats my last step, as i want to understand the problem first.

Any help is kindly appreciated.
Best regards,
Nicolas Kumhofer


I changed the name of the serviceset, before problems occured. Therefore i could restore the former object, which left me with 2 service sets.
Configured the “old” one accordingly and now it is somehow working??
Atleast when i click on any service template within the services tab of the serviceset, i still get the error described above.

I mean it works, so the problem isnt that big of a deal, would still prefer having a monitoring solution that doesnt throw random errors by the time.

I would leave the topic open for now, as it is not really closed for me.

BTW: when i click the link to the service within the preview tab of the serviceset it redirects me to the correct service-template. So it only affects the services tab within the serviceset.