Icinga Dashboard disappears when showing NagVis Maps

I’ve recently installed NagVis SRV and module for Icinga integration. NagVis backend is working fine, redirects working too. My only problem is that when I click on a map INSIDE icingaweb2 it shows the map but looses Icinga’s dashboard(Screenshot attached).

when it should look like this:

I think it could be related to a new NagVis SRV version because I needed to modify some links from the nagvis module configuration due to badrequestes [404]
ModuleConfiguration [ commented lines are default values]:

use Icinga\Application\Config;
use Icinga\Module\Nagvis\RestrictionHelper;

$section = $this->menuSection(N_('Maps'))


$prio = 0;
$restriction = RestrictionHelper::getRegex();
foreach (Config::module('nagvis')->getSection('menu') as $name => $caption) {
    if ($restriction !== null && ! preg_match($restriction, $name)) {
    $section->add($caption, array(
       # 'url'           => 'nagvis/show/map',
        'url'           => '../nagvis-sys/frontend/nagvis-js/index.php?mod=Map&act=view',
        'urlParameters' => array('show' => $name),
        #'urlParameters' => array('map' => $name),
        'priority'      => ++$prio

    $this->translate('Modify NagVis maps')

    $this->translate('Nagvis administration')

    $this->translate('NagVis general overview')

    $this->translate('Filter NagVis maps')


NagVis is somewhat … If you only need maps, try out the map module from @nicolaiB


Also, your Icinga Web 2 version seems to be very old. Please use packages.icinga.com for our up-to-date packages.

EDIT: Sorry, I’ve mixed the screenshots. Could you please share your Web 2 version, NagVis version and NagVis module version.

I managed to fix it using the default urls on the package documentation, the problem was on the apache config for nagvis site, it had the same name as the module on icingaweb

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