Icinga Cluster Graph

I just wrote a module that shows you your cluster layout from zones and endpoints.

Check it out, feedback welcome! There is some tweaking to the visuals to go, but it works.


just did our second release with thanks to @moreamazingnick for a big contribution.

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This module sounds interesting, it would help if you had a screenshot or two so people had an idea of what it looked like once installed.

Thank you for the effort in creating this.

Yeah I agree. I just have to mess with it a bit to garble the output, so as not to give away confidential cluster information. I will update it shortly.

That looks quite impressive.
I believe I will be installing that module. Its usefulness is quite apparent.

Does it reflect the status of hosts at all, eg: hosts turn red when there is a problem on them, or are unreachable? If it does not it is still a very useful addition.

No status.
Check out meerkat for that

We updated the code to be laid out better, and have some status highlights