Icinga changing host name in Grafana query

Hey there,

So I’ve got Icinga set up with Graphite and Grafana, and everything is finally working fine except that Icinga is changing host names as it queries graphs from Grafana. Most of my host objects have their IP address in their names, which are bookended by tildes (ie. “Host-Name~X.X.X.X~”). Graphite and Grafana work fine with this, but I’ve noticed that when trying to show the iframe graphs Icinga replaces tildes with underscores which results in graphs with no data. If I replace the underscores with tildes in the Grafana graph URL, however, the data shows up just fine.

Is there any way to prevent Icinga from doing this? Or is there at least a way to tell what characters Icinga will do this to?

Can you please share a concrete example of this? URL, screenshot, etc.

Also, which module are you using for including the graphs in Icinga Web?


Hey Michael,

I’m using this module for including my Grafana graphs in Icinga Web, and am using the iframe access mode.

The following images show the iframe graph in Icinga Web (shown when I select a host in Overview), the URL for that particular graph in Grafana, and then the corrected graph URL (changing surrounding underscores with tildes) which results in data showing.


so you are using @Carsten 's module here. Can you please share the Host object configuration from Icinga, I’d like to see how its name and display_name attributes look like.


Looks like new Graphite installations doesnt replace .~ etc no longer by underscore. for a quick fix you can set the backend type to influxdb, then the replacement will not happen.