Icinga Camp Berlin May 17th 2023

The highly-anticipated Icinga Camp of 2023 is drawing near, and we’re counting down the days until we can reunite with you, our beloved community!

We still have tickets available, so be sure to secure your spot and head to the fantastic Kulturbrauerei in Berlin to meet us and create a great experience together.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Icinga user or are just beginning your journey with the platform, our Camps serve as an ideal platform for learning and knowledge-sharing. From the latest monitoring trends to best practices, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable insights from Icinga developers, community members, and enterprise users.

Stay on top of the latest Icinga developments, releases, add-ons, and integrations by attending following our talks, our panel, and chatting with experts in the field.
And let’s not forget about the Happy Hour at the end of the day, which is a great chance to network and meet other community members in person!

Register now for the Icinga Camp Berlin!

Hey all,
I just found out that all long distance trains from “Deutsche Bahn” will not run from Sunday to Wednesday. Anyone who wanted to travel to Berlin by train on Tuesday will probably not be able to travel by train…see: Aktuelle Verkehrsmeldungen


Yep, looking forward to 6+ hours by car :confused:

Might be a good idea to give a heads up via the newsletter @theFeu for those who are not frequently travelling by train in Germany.

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I actually just saw that as well - an info mail sounds like a good idea, yeah. :confused:

The strike was averted, but there are still restrictions regarding the train schedule

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