Icinga Camp Berlin 2022


The time has come: Icinga Camp is back!

After two years of waiting, we are so excited to bring the Community back together at IcingaCamp2022! Whether you’re a long-time Icinga user, you’ve recently migrated to Icinga, or anything in between: join us in Berlin on July 21st!

You can attend Icinga Camp by either growing your knowledge with an Early Bird Ticket or by sharing your knowledge with submitting your Paper! Everything you need to know can be found in Julia’s blogpost!

I will keep this thread up to date with any new announcments about the upcoming camp - would love to see you there!

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Nice, but is there a reason why the date has changed from the original appointment I got in May to July?

To be honest I’m a bit surprised that you knew of the original date in May - as far as I recall we never actually announced the camp anywhere before we had the dates in July. May I ask where you got that info? :slight_smile:

For the reasons why it moved:
Since we are sharing the location and time slot with the StackConf and they moved their dates to July, we followed suite.

The date has changed, because there was a scheduling issue with some other events during that time.
The reason behind that is that a lot of conferences are starting up again, so it has been a little tricky to plan ahead and find a slot that would not be parallel to too many other events on a similar topic.

The new date is definitely final now though :slight_smile:

I knew from my colleague when the stackconf was planed. And a colleague from you (after the OSMC) told me, that IcingaCamp is planed one day after. The reason was we had to plan our education for this year.

But sadly, I don’t know now if we could come to the new date.


Early bird tickets for the Icinga Camp are available now!

So if you know you want to come, and save some money, order your early bird ticket here (only available until April 10th)


Did you tackle any interesting problems lately? Have seen an interesting setup? Want to share your ideas with the rest of us? Submit a talk for Icinga Camp Berlin 2022!