Icinga backed not running

Hello All,
I am facing the following issue

Basically I have checked the SQL Database and Icinga IDO both are working fine. I have also inspected logs /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log, all things are going good. Now next thing here to be noticed some checks are appearing in Overdue dashboard of icinga which means they are delayed but they keep moving from this state to normal and then again in delay.
I am not sure whats the issue, Aside I am running all things in a distributed system
One Master, 2 Satellite and MySQL database node. All are on different VMs and communication between all are perfectly working fine.

Please help me to ressolve this, Main problem is once again the message Monitoirng backend Icinga is not running but in actual icinga service is up and all things are working fine

Best Regards

I’ve answered this question e.g. here.

I have seen this

My this table is updated, and properly sycned, Whats the issue then

You can check the following:

Compare DB resource of the monitoring backend with /etc/icinga2/features-available/ido-mysql.conf, that they contain the same database.

Check the load of your mysql server

Check you you have many pending queries to mysql in your icinga2.log

Which API should I call to clear all my pending queries at once??

Afaik there is no API endpoint to do that. Though I have never looked for/thought about it.

Normally the icinga service shouldn’t rack up queries.

Are you sure you master is correctly connected to the database?
And the database server itself isn’t running on its limit?

yes correctly connected

If the icinga service (i.e. the ido-mysql feature) is correctly connected to the database and the database server itself isn’t running on its limit then I’m out of idea as to way the queries can’t be written into the database.