Icinga as a Kafka Consumer

This is more an architectural question than a troubleshooting one. We have requirements where we have multiple element managers configuring and monitoring different types of network elements. These element managers can send alarms and alerts. To integrate these events all into 1 point, we’d like to use a Kafka broker which Icinga would then read from the various topics for these alerts. Any thoughts on this approach? I see Icinga can send out events but I’m not seeing an easy way to stream them into Icinga. My thought would be to configure a consumer service on Icinga then check commands to check this consumer. I’d like to avoid an Icinga checking interval over the network to the Kafka broker. I want to have Icinga learn about the alert as soon as it happens (or at least as soon as possible). Not seeing a way around “polling” for the events.

I seemed to have completely missed this feature which I believe will be what I need: