Icinga api - downtime from windows client - restrictions and ldap user

I have a script that set a downtime with powershell. That works fine with a user configured here in the director:

Is it possible to restrict this user only to set downtimes? How?
Can I use a ldap user for this instead of the api user? How?

I have tried to set a rule with this settings

that does not work!

yes you can.

but here is some more background knowledge:
this is an icinga api user.
you can look it up in the file /etc/icinga2/conf.d/api-users.conf


# vim /etc/icinga2/conf.d/api-users.conf

object ApiUser "root" {
  password = "icinga"

api users support permissions, see:

permissions = [ "objects/query/Host", "objects/query/Service" ]

and permissions support:

object ApiUser "downtime" {
  password = "icingadowntime"
  permissions = [ "actions/schedule-downtime", "actions/remove-downtime" ]


that should do the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks, that works … but I have tow api-users.conf

Where is defined which one is used?

Is it possible to use ldap User?

And why I can not see the user in the director (I have do a “icinga2 daemon -C” and “systemctl reload icinga2” and kixstart ?
In the conf files I have two users in the director I see only one with the same name. Are that not the same users?

Not with the Icinga 2 API. For that you have to use Icinga Web 2’s API.

I think I don’t understand the difference between the web api and the Icinga api. My powershell script make a webrequest

$icinga_uri = “https://”+$icinga_host+“:5665/v1/actions/schedule-downtime”

Invoke-WebRequest -Method POST -Uri $icinga_uri -Body ($body|ConvertTo-Json) -Headers $headers -Credential $auth -ContentType “application/json”

And this works with the users in the api-users.conf

Icinga 2’s authentication is entirely internal and based on the api-users.conf.

Icinga Web 2’s API utilizes all authentication backends (including LDAP) that are available to normal users as well. It also provides a much more broad authorization mechanism, that’s what you’ve shown above in the screenshots. The user with the role shown in your OP can then schedule/remove downtimes and also access the director’s API features (also by use of the Icinga Web 2 API), but the latter is not required for just scheduling/removing downtimes. What the user can do and what not, is possible to inspect using the Audit feature or by just logging in as that user. What’s possible in the UI, is the very same for the Icinga Web 2 API.

Thanks for your answers … I think this is the last open question. I have two api-users.conf. I don’t know whre is defined which one is used. And I don’t see the new configured user in the GUI “Icinga Api users”

icinga2 object list -t apiuser will show you which user are active and where they are defined.

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Thanks for your help.