Icinga agent Windows automation


Looking for a solution to automate the Icinga installation on Windows Servers.
We don’t have any ansible, puppet in our environment.
We will have about 100 zones for different locations. We have a software distribution tool and a CMDB.
The plan is to host templates with Self Service API created for each zone (this is another story because can’t be automated) and from the CMDB tool get the location of the server.
Do you use any other solutions that work for you for Windows? For Linux we don’t have this problems :slight_smile:



for Windows exists SCCM from Microsoft itself. You can do this also with PowerShell. A colleague of mine wrote a solution for our company for example.

And how do you get the ticket from Icinga?

We don’t use the ticket.
Do you know the Icinga PowerShell Framework and the Installation wizard? Install Wizard Guide - Icinga for Windows