Icinga agent host check without ICMP

I’m new to Icinga and have installed a master node in Ubuntu and a agent on a windows server and set it in Icinga2. The “problem” I have is that the master node don’t have network access directly to the windows server so Icinga reports a “Host problem” because it tries to use icmp ping towards the windows server. How should I go about setting it up so that would work just using the agent?

You could use cluster-zone instead of hostalive as your check command in your host definition.

Great… and for a newbie like me, how is that set if I use Director to add/config hosts?

You could define a template for Windows hosts:


and reuse it when defining new hosts or import it for existing host:


I had a template setup already and the check setting was hostalive, changed it now to cluster-zone, works right away… Thanks for helping out Roland! :+1: