Icinga Agent for Windows Change CA

Hello guys,

since the old Kickstart for icinga-agent installation on windows hosts is deprecated, im tryin to figure out, how to setup my automatic deployment with the new Icinga for Windows.

so far everything is working fine, i can get my apikey for my hosttemplate, and i can register my host.
But the problem is the agent install tries to get his certs from the Master CA. not from the satellites in the Customer enviroment.

for Information: We are running the Icinga2 Masters in Azure, and got Satellites in every Customernetwork. Only the satellites are allowed to connect themselfs on 5665 to the Icinga Masters.
So the Agent has to get his Certificate from the Satellite in his enviroment.

With the old setup, i just added the parameter -CAEndpoint. to the start-icingaagentinstallwizard
Is there a similar parameter for the new -installcommand?

Greetings! and Thank you in Advance!

We share the ca.crt over a webshare and we specify the location over the option “IfW-CAFile” in the answerfile. The answerfile is also called from that webshare. Can You setup a small webserver on the satellite?

Hello! Thank you for the super fast answer!

Thats a great way to solve this!

Will give it a try, thank you!

You got a list where i can find all the possible options for Icinga for Windows ?

Start Icinga Management Console(IMC)
PS> icinga

and/or read carefully the documentation