Icinga Agent - Best way to switch masters

currently I have the following configuration
PC1 = Master: Icinga2 + Icinga Web 2 + director (installed on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS)
PC2 = Agent: Installed on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS through the icinga2-agent-kickstart.bash
Now I need to turn off the old master (PC1) and replace it with a new one (PC3), without making any backup and restoring it.

The new master (PC3) will be installed on Ubuntu LTS
To switch the monitoring to the new master, what is the best procedure?

I was thinking of removing Icinga and its configuration files on PC2 on PC2 with the following commands:

sudo apt remove icinga2 && apt autoremove
sudo apt purge icinga2-common

Reinstall Icinga on PC2 and and then generate icinga2-agent-kickstart.bash from the new master and reinstall it on PC2

Is this an excessive solution?

Thanks for your help

Hello @n_drew!

First of all: if you’re planning a potentially destructive operation and aren’t going to make a backup, you should ask yourself: why not?

The solution itself sounds valid.


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