Icinga 2 missing files

Hello dear icinga community,
I installed the icinga2 container in docker,
Im trying to set it up, but have a Problem:
this is my content in the icinga 2 File:

content, CONTRIB.md, data, docker-compose.yml, Dockerfile, Dockerfile.arm32v7, Dockerfile.arm64v8, .git, .gitignore, hooks, icinga2, icingaweb2-sessions, LICENSE, msmtp, multi-arch-manifest.yaml, README.md, secrets_sql.env, zones.confsu

according to the icinga configuration im missing
following files / directorys that should be already preinstalled:
“Available configuration files which are installed by default:” Icinga2

icinga2.conf, constants.conf, zones.conf
The conf.d Directory
hosts.conf, services.conf, users.conf, notifications.conf, commands.conf, groups.conf, templates.conf, downtimes.conf, timeperiods.conf, api-users.conf, app.conf

Does anybody know how to get them / what my problem is?

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Did you follow any kind of guide or documentation?

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It would also be useful to know which docker image you pulled for this.

I pulled it from the image: jordan/icinga2

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