Icinga 2 Memory Commit Size


We have installed the icinga agent on one of our machines and it appears that the memory commit size has gone up to 8GB (We checked quite a few other servers and it hasn’t gone over 50MB).

When restarting the icinga service, it goes back down to normal (In between 35-50MB).

I’m, not sure what could be doing this, has anyone seen this issue before ?


could you give us more information about your system? like OS Version and Icinga version?
There was a problem in the past, but since 2.11.x we for example don’t have such issues.


Sure, no worries, this happened on version icinga agent 2.11.4.

Also running windows server 2008 R2

ok, than I have no ideas. Everything fine here

For its agent part, icinga supports windows server 2012, 2016 and 2019.
Also, support for Icinga 2 Agent ends if the OS support ends automatically, Windows 2008 R2 is not supported by microsoft since 14/01/2020.
I think it could have run fine if you remained on branch 2.10.X, but in 2.11 a lot was rewritten, so that’s very probably why you are having something that look like a memory leak which gone very wrong.

You could either rollback to 2.10.X (this would also mean rolling back for your master and satellite), upgrade your windows to 2012, or add a task in scheduler to check and restart icinga if memory exceed a big value.

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Thank you!

I will let you know how I get on, some decent tips

We have just had this issue again and it caused everything else on the server to have issues. (This has happened on multiple servers now with the same specs).

Message in event viewer: Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: icinga2.exe (10024) consumed 22089449472 bytes

Server Details:
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter 64 bit
Icinga Agent v2.12

It’s weird, i admit it.

I would need more informations before jumping to conclusions, do you have the possibility to run a
icinga2 daemon -C and icinga2 feature list on the agent ?

It could be useful to know how many objects are instantiated and what features are enabled.

Also, do you know how memory usage increase over time ? I mean, does it fill 22GB from start or over a longer period ?
EDIT : if you have a graph displaying it, it would be even better !

If you feel comfortable enought with windows, you can open and dig in the icinga process using process explorer to get what are the ressources provisionned in memory suspected to take a lot of size.

how can I run the icinga2 daemon -C and feature list on the windows machine sorry ? I thought I usually run them from the master server to sync up the master/satellite/agent and etc.

I assumed it was just from the CMD line but that doesn’t seem to do the trick

It’s indeed from cli, look for the icinga executable binary and gets in its dir, then launch the commands