Icinga 2 Diagnostics script / data collector

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Since I work as an support engineer at one of the Icinga partners I often have to play the guessing game/faq-
game. A user reports a problem but first of all we have to figure out the basics. What OS, what Icinga 2 version, > which addons and so on.

So I decided to start a project to create a script which collects all of this data in one easy to read output. The
last part is important because I could always ask a user to send me their full configuration or even a clone of
their VM. But what I need most is a thorough yet not overwhelming overview over the setup. The new script
should provide us with exactly that: The most useful information for debugging common problems.

There is an option to have a more thorough collection of information though. So if we need log outputs, the full > configuration, etc. the full mode should provide that as well.

I started the script after I analyzed a customers setup for writing documentation, so some of the checks are still > considered to be a “quick hack”. But while I want to improve the code quality and “elegance” I still think easy to > understand bash commands are still superior to super sophisticated ones in this occasion. I want the script to
be easily maintainable (and auditable) and won’t bother with super fast execution times. This will be run once in > a very long while so speed is not important.

So have a look at the script and feel free to contribute or open issues. Please note that I will focus the output to > be as easily to read as possible. So while adding extra modes for special cases is always an option I might not > add every idea to the default output. Furthermore the script should run on every supported and more platforms > so keeping it simple is another thing to keep in mind.

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We just had the first version of Icinga Diagnostics released:


Just give it a try and if you find something in the script isn’t working in your setup, please let us know in the issues. The script should work on more platforms that are officially supported so we can’t test them all and have to rely on you, the community.

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