Icinga 2 Cookbook


I noticed on the product integrations page that you’ve got Chef listed as an integration. The cookbook on Chef supermarket is fairly out of date and I wondered if we could assist in updating it to support the latest version of Chef?

DevRel @Chef

Hello there and welcome to our forum!
What did you have in mind? :slight_smile:

Do you have anyone maintaining or wanting to maintain the cookbook internally?
I’ve updated a bunch of cookbooks recently. I’m happy to jump on calls, streams, whatever works for you really.

We don’t have an active maintainer at the moment - but if you want to you could take on that role?
vkhatri - Chef Supermarket from the community used to maintain those, if I recall correctly, but I don’t think that they are active anymore.

Ah yeah, I was hoping that someone internally to Icinga would be up for maintaining it. But I’m sure happy to help out.

I’ve already been personally maintaining a number of Vendor cookbooks. I’m quite keen on this one breaking the trend! :sweat_smile:

So, from what I have gathered @dokon might be interested in having a look :slight_smile:

Maybe you two can figure something out :slight_smile:

Hi !

I’m the person which Feu mentioned.
We have backscaled our chef cookbooks because there wasn’t much feedback from the community that it was needed.
Until “Now”

  • If we know what Kind of Cookbooks you & the community needs and would appreciate … we can clearly re-new the cookbooks with your help.

Do you have already “renewed cookbooks” or would you like to to receive from our side new books which you supervise/revise before we publish them to the community ?



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Good examples can generally be found in the Sous-Chefs organisation on GitHub.

One vendor cookbook that is up to spec is the HAProxy cookbook.

I’m sure Sous-Chefs would be able to host the cookbook on GitHub, which would enable fast releases. So we only have to worry about maintaining and updating the code.

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i will have a look at the Sous-Chef books and try to keep you Updated via the official Channels & the Community Portal.

Can i PM you if i have any Questions ?



Yep! please do.