Icinga 2 communication schemas

As I have posted them before, I’ll also post them here and hope they are useful for someone when figuring out a problem or explaining how Icinga 2 communicates on the inside.

Icinga 2 + Icinga Web 2 + Icinga Director + Graphite

Icinga 2 + Icinga Web 2 + Icinga Director + PNP4Nagios

Hope both are correct. If not, please tell me and I will correct the error(s):slight_smile:


“IcingaWeb2 reads check-results for displaying” - I would replace that with “Icinga Web 2 reads config, status and historical data”.

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done. :slight_smile:
thanks for the input!

I’d rather vote for “Reads config, status and historical data” and would put the arrow to the left on the monitoring module. Web 2 itself doesn’t read from the IDO.

better late, than never :smiley: Sounds reasonable, fixed it :slight_smile:

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