Icinga 2 and Recommended Plugins

Hi All! I’m looking for a free NMS/NPS solution that meet the following requirements. Based on my reviews so far I think Icinga2 and OpenNMS Horizon are two of the options on my table.

For Icinga2, I looked through some videos and tried the Demo. Overall it looks like a great tool but there are a few things I haven’t figured out the answer too.


  1. Simple Question, can Icinga 2 / Icinga 2 Web do all that I’m hoping for? I have what I think is Icinga 1 already installed (uses icinga directory not icinga2). The main eyesores of Icinga 1 are:
    -inability to edit host/service information in the GUI
    -lack of automatic network topology maps (outside of sunburst map parent/child view)
    -Inability to visually recognize bottleneck trends or take a historical visual look at performance data.

  2. Which plugins will I need to keep my current alerting/notifications plus the 3 items Icinga 1 lacks?

  3. Just to verify, does Icinga2 include the Icinga2 Web and Icinga directory or are those add-ons?

  4. General recommendation of how to get this setup and make full use of Icinga2; I read it is better to spin up a new instance vs upgrading icinga 1 for example. There is so much available I want another’s input.

  5. Does anyone have a good image or video reference showing historical performance trends for identifying bottlenecks? I’ve yet to find a good one online.

  6. I recognized most here are probably bias for Icinga2, but I’m curious if anyone has come from OpenNMS and can provide incite of why to use one over the other?

Full list Desired Features (for reference):

  1. Input network subnets and discovery protocols for the network with a web GUI for management
  2. Have the system use this information to scan subnets and discover devices
  3. Have it automatically add scanned devices to inventory as a starting point
  4. Use mac address and IP information collected to automatically associated where things are connected (eg which switch port)
  5. Automatically create a network map largely indicating the links between switches, servers, network storage, VM host for VMs, and any other dependencies (or at close as possible).
  6. Depending on the device type, monitor cpu usage, memory (RAM) usage, storage capacity, storage r/w speed utilization, & interface bandwidth.
  7. Create triggers to alert me based on devices being down, having high utilization etc.
  8. Have the network map show me color coded good, warning, bad color coding
  9. Modify the automatic map to break into layers , letting me see separate sites, drill down into a site that has an issue, and continue drilling down into the device(s) that are not operating to see a root cause. Sunburst isn’t bad, but ideally more Visio like would be helpful for presenting.
  10. Ideally, it would be nice to run this in a cluster or active/failover so I can get to the data when there is an outage of some sort.
  11. Sunburst map showing up/down status for everything.
  12. Monitor BGP Neighbor status of some routers.
  13. Historical performance utilization to help identify bottlenecks and anticipate needs for growth before they become a problem.
  14. Export PDF or Excel/CSV reports (scheduled ones would be a plus)
  15. Let me insert comments such as equipment purchase dates/age, expected lifecycle, recommended replacement dates.

Sorry for the long winded post and thanks in advanced for your help.