IBM zLinux packages

Hey all,

sometime last year there were some packages of icinga2 for the s390 architecture but I can’t find anything related to that with my google foo… does anybody have a link for me?


they don’t exist to my knowledge. Also, with 2.11, you’ll need uptodate Boost libraries. Specifically the Boost.Context library needs to support the architecture for the stackful coroutines coming from the network stack rewrite.

Boost 1.72 added support for s390x on Linux, though you’ll need a fix for the coroutines library.

That being said, you’ll need to build binaries on your own.


thanks, that is what I expected… this is gonna be a fun experiment if we go down that rabbithole

Just as a final followup.

We found packages for icinga 2.8 in the suse enterprise hub :slight_smile: after some troubles with dependencies, we managed to install it successfully :slight_smile: