I can't receive email notification

Hello, I was trying to send notifications to my email every time that any of the computers that I have connected to my network changed state,I have followed everything that appears in the documentation but for some reason I did not receive any message to the email that I have configured, this is the configuration I did:





I must say that the IP addresses of the hosts in the .conf file are left like this for this post for security reasons, but each of them has a well configured IP.
thanks for taking the time to read this and try to help me.

Have you configured your monitoring host to be able to send the notifications out (e.g via mail relay host)? As the configuration is just the default config with your two hosts added, there should ne nothing wrong with it.

Icinga only calls a shell script (under /etc/icinga2/scripts) to send mails with the mail command.

So you will have to install a package on your system that provides this command. Also you have to install some kind of Mail Transfer Agent (e.g postfix) and configure it to accept and send mails. Most commonly is sending the mails via postfix to a relay host (e.g an exchange host). Search the web for guides how to configure postfix.

If you have done all that (already), check the logs around the time you expect the mails to be sent.

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