HP server monitoring ssd-lifetime check attribute 'Percent_Lifetime_Remain' which is available on some SSD drives


HI out there,
I have hp server ilo monitoring, but i would like to monitor more details ssd info like ssd-lifetime.
I found one plugin : monitoring nagios plugin check_smart SMART Hard Drive Solid State Drive NVMe Check
But don’t know how to implement.

In the master list where all the hosts entries present on icinga server
server config :

``// Endpoints & Zones
object Endpoint "server01" {

object Zone "server01" {
     endpoints = [ "server01" ]
     parent = "master"

// Host Objects
object Host "server01" {
    check_command = "hostalive"
    address = "xx.xx.xx.xxx"
    vars.client_endpoint = name
    vars.os = "Linux"
    vars.os_name = "ubuntu"
    vars.os_version = "10"
    vars.service_var = "no-swap"
    vars.notify = "true"
    vars.snmp_type = "ilo"
    vars.ilom_ip = "xxx.xxx.xx.xx"
    vars.ilom_username = "xxxxxx"
    vars.ilom_password = "xxxxxxx

Also i have service file where parameters are define like for hp :

apply Service for (service => request_command in {
        "ILO - Storage" = "storage",
        "ILO - Processor" = "proc",
        "ILO - DIMM" = "memory",
        "ILO - Power" = "power",
        "ILO - Temperature" = "temp",
        "ILO - Fan" = "fan",
        "ILO - NICs" = "nic",
        "ILO - BMC" = "bmc",
        "ILO - System Summary" = "info",
        "ILO - Firmware" = "firmware",
        "ILO - Management Log" = "mel",
        "ILO - System Event Log" = "sel"

how to implement check_smart.pl, i know download .pl file and palce to /usr/lib/nagios/plugins and set executable permission only.



Seems like the missing piece here is a defined command

@steaksauce Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am new to icinga, could you please tell me where i need to defined command. On client side config or server side config ?

Actually on the server side, we have two config file, one is host config in the master folder and one is service file where all the things defined.

Give me some example in the above two configs.