Howto search in hosts/Services for "contains" e.g. for Contacts/Hostgroups


Is there a possibility, to search/filter in icingaweb2 in hosts or services for kind of “array/list” contains “value”?
For example, when I have a Host/Service what has more than one contact or a host what is in more than one hostgroup? I want a list where the the given element is in the list or is noch in the list.
There is no “contains” in der Filter editor and “=” or “!=” doesn’t seems to work in the expected way for arrays/list.
Or do i use this in the wrong way?
I’m still using icingaweb2 2.7.3 (quite old, I know) but the problems seem to exist in 2.8.2 too
Is there any way to filter in this way?
Thank you very much

Hi @smiler

is the “Hostgroup (case insensitive)” (or “Host contacgroup”, etc.) filter what you are looking for? If you are looking for hosts that belong to a certain hostgroup, you can use the “=” operator.

Kind regards

For memberships like this this is done automatically.

list/hosts?hostgroup_name=foo&hostgroup_name=bar will list all hosts that are in groups foo and bar
list/hosts?hostgroup_name=foo|hostgroup_name=bar will list all hosts that are in group foo or bar