HowTo category spam

@theFeu: I’d like to see you cleaning up topics in Howto category if they are no HowTos.

Ah, I already moved so many out… But yes, I am on it!

I also edited the template for the howto section just now to better reflect the purpose of the category :slight_smile:

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I suspect there’s a potential misunderstanding that this is the place to ask
“can someone tell me how to do X?”


I would recommend renaming the category Howto to Tutorials

I moved this discussion over here for now, as it was off topic for the original.

So the problem I see with renaming is, that I don’t know whether the link to it will change (as the url has the name of the category in it and whether that would break external links.

I am not sure if the template I added was enough, what do you think?

The Howto section is meant for guides / tutorials / howtos.
If you want to ask a question on "How to do xxx" this is not the place and please look for a more fitting category.

If you are here to write a howto article, please go ahead! :slight_smile: 

Update: Just read through some help in the discourse forum and it should work fine.

So you proposed “Tutorials” as the new name? I also had “Guides” as an idea, which feels more fitting to me, even though I do not have a factual explanation for it :slight_smile:

If it is not a hassle i would prefer to rename the category.

According to GUIDE | Bedeutung im Cambridge Englisch Wörterbuch
there is no example for a noun thats fits here perfectly.

“To guide” would fit, but i am not sure if a verb should be the name for a category

I have renamed it to “Tutorials and Guides” now and hope that will fix the problem and maybe help people find the content too :slight_smile:

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It looks like even the new name does not work for @maurox521.

@theFeu: Maybe you should add something like “Please do not ask any questions here”.

I don’t think this should be neccessary, but I will put up the template again.

I have contacted the user privately about this now too.