How to use icingaweb2 api to acknowledege service problem and suppress the future notification

i need use icingaweb2 api or icingaweb1 api to acknowledege service problem and suppress the future notification, is there any document about the icingaweb2 api or icingaweb1 api? I’m using icinga high availability solutions(one master and two slave),so i want to use icingaweb api to manage all of icinga instances.

You have to use the icinga2 api for this:

Due to using icinga high availability solutions, service checking may occur on any instance, and I can’t send post request to that instance accurately.therefor , i want to use icingaweb api connecting icinga2 instance.
The architecture diagram we are using is shown below.

Sorry, I don’t know what your problem is. If you take a look into the docs of icingaweb2 you’ll see that there is no API: Icingaweb2 sends everything to the API to icinga core (or via Piplines). So as I wrote you have to use the API of Icinga for your Solutions.
And as the guys from icinga wrotes in the docs about the Cluster (look here The nodes are syncing itself. That means if you send the acknowledgment to your config master. This node send this to the master 2 and vica versa.

But if you send a API request to the config master and this one is down. The request will never receive master2. So it’s lost. But if you configure a Service IP with keepalive, loadbalancer or something similiar this will route the request to the correct host if one of them is down.

thank you so much, i solved the problem by using icinga2 api!:smile:

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