How to transfer monitoring data from a previous icinga installation to a new installation

Hi, I’m new to Icinga2. I have the following scenario:

Perform a first installation of icinga2 with icingaweb2 and icinga director. I had a hard time automating the inclusion of 1816 hosts to monitor only connectivity (hostalive). I was even able to separate the hosts by groups and set 2 shared navigation options, to group the hosts that have priority in the dashboard. Everything’s fine. But then some incidents happened to me that I was able to solve, however I had to “mess up” the ubuntu installation, with tools that would help me to observe the behavior of the services. I lost and recovered this first installation twice, and the icinga2 configuration was very dirty.

So I decided to install EVERYTHING from scratch, and I already have the ideal installation with all the necessary objects declared and monitored. However I need to add the old monitoring information to the new installation. The criteria that I can use would be the IP address of each object, which is unique, in both installations.

For that I can use a direct connection, using configuration / application / resources, and adding the direct connection to the old database. Then using icinga director / Automation / import source. However, I don’t know what source fields and what destination fields I can use for the mysql query.

Any suggestions?

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Having done this myself (and accidentally caused a lot of pain by distributing zones with director when I shouldn’t have, but that’s another story), you should just be able to add all of your old icinga instance’s imports/sync rules/jobs to a config basket and then import the config basket to the new instance.

Ideally, you you import everything you could from scratch before having to manually setup a few things.