How to start monitoring with icinga agent on windows


I am new to Icinga2 monitoring and I try to understand it.

At this moment i monitor network devices by common checks.
I thing good option is install Icinga Agent on important windows workstations or server.

Can you help me step by step what I have to set on icinga 2 server (running ubuntu)

Thanks a lot


Have you read and followed

If not, start there, see how you get on, and ask questions here if you get

If you have followed those instructions, tell us how far you got and give as
much details about what the problem is.


Antony. might be
the next step you need to move on to?



i have only one master, no satelite and at this moment one agent with icinga agent installed, with NSClient++ on Hyper1 server.
icinga2 service on Hyper1 is running. Also with web

So than i add agent to /etc/icinga2/zones.conf

after restarting icinga2 service i get error:
critical/cli: Config validation failed. Re-run with ‘icinga2 daemon -C’ after fixing the conf

after “icinga2 daemon -C” command - it ended with error:
critical/config: Error: Endpoint ‘’ does not belong to a zone.



the error message says exactly what is wrong. is not assigned to a zone!

according your postings your zone should look like this:

object Endpoint "" { }

object Zone "Praque" {
   endpoint = [ "" ]
   parent = "master"

object Endpoint "" {
   host = "xx.xx.xx"
   log_duration = 0

oject Zone "master" {
  endpoints = [ "" ]


now i have updated right zones.conf:

in hosts.conf i updated :
(using check_command = “nscp”)

seems it is much better - but I cannot find where can I set password in incinga.
On hyper1 i found password in file C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nsclient.ini

But where can i set password in icinga ?
Now i can see this on icinga2 web:

I hope i will understand this somewhen


nice to read that it is working now.

We don’t use the NSClient. So in this case I can’t help, sorry. We are using the check plugins, which are installed during the installation on Windows, supplemented by the new PowerShell-Framework.
But I’m sure that others from the community have experience with the NSClient.


You need to set the password in the service object with vars.nscp_password = "PASSWORD".

For more infos about available parameters check the nscp docs.


So after password I did not receive performance data:

in host.conf i have:

What have i edit / allow / or how correctly run commands ?

Thanks for advice to beginner