How to skip cluster endpoint check for passive-only host?

Hi all,
I’m trying to add a host that only has a single passive check defined that is reported through the Icinga API. The host I’m monitoring cannot have Icinga installed. Everything seems to work OK except for one thing: I also have a “cluster” check which now reports that the endpoint is not connected for this host. Which is logical of course, but I would like to exclude this host object from the “cluster” check since the endpoint will never be connected. Is it possible to do that?



As a start point:
You can modify the service-definition to not assign the service to a host.

To skip applying a service to a host you can add something like:

ignore where "thespecial_host" in host.templates
// or for all hosts without an icinga-agent
ignore where host.vars.noagent

Maybe this will give you an idea for a working solution.

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Thanks for your response. It turned out to be quite simple; there was a parent = $parent line that I just had to remove. After that it was OK!