How to setup hosts ownership when there are multiple admin users

We are 3 people, and each of us is managing he’s own set of hosts. We’d like to monitor them as well but we don’t need to see each others machines. As it is now, when I create a host, it will also be displayed to my colleagues. How can I prevent that?

What I’d like is that all templates be usable by all of us, but that the hosts we each define are not displayed to the others. I tried making different admin roles but that didn’t help.

Any suggestion is welcomed

I have achieved this by creating a host group and a new role that has the monitoring/filter/objectsRestrict field set.



This will limit the user to hosts in that particular host group.


Excellent, thank you very much, I’ll try that

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Could you tell me if a user with such a role can use templates to create new host? I am not able to acheive this, I get an error.

Hmm, I just added Director permissions to my test user and I can create hosts, but it also displays all other hosts configured through Director.

You can fix this by adding filters for Director and adding appropriate permissions to access the module.


May I ask you to try creating a host with this setting (filter on monitoring/filter/objects and on director/filter/hostgroup)? I tried and I get the following error:

Unable to store a host with the given properties because of insufficient permissions (IcingaHostForm.php:363)

I cannot even create a template.

If you succeed, can you tell me the module versions of you stack?

Much appreciated.

I will try and do this today and get back to you.