How to set downtime for application?

I am solving a small problem. I have a lot of servers and services. And Users need to set downtime for application (before deploying a new version, or OS updates).
How can I set it with one click?
I tried to install the icingaweb2-module-businessprocess, but there is no option to set downtime for all hosts/services in the application.

can you help me? I need user-friendly solutions.
Best regards

Hello, you can set a downtime by default in icinga2. Then your module will not sound an alarm. I have attached a small docu of Icinga for you. Maybe this will help you!

I myself use these downtimes also for maintenance and they help a lot!

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I need easy solution for servicedesk, which need to set downtime. I expected button for set downtime on business process.

well, i think this feature is requestet, but not implementet.

This issue i have found on github Business Process Downtime Feature · Issue #166 · Icinga/icingaweb2-module-businessprocess (