How to send VMs disk usage from vSphereDB module to influxDB?


I’ve successfully set up our vSphereDB Performance data flow to be sent to our InfluxDB2 bucket.
In influxdb, I can see some fields and values.

But in icinga, though the vSphere module is able to give detailed information about the VM’s disks (total size and usage [1]), I find no way to get these fields in influxdb.
How can I know what fields are sent to influxdb?
How can I change/enhance what is sent?

[1] Example :

# '/usr/bin/icingacli' 'vspheredb' 'check' 'vm' '--name' 'xxxxx' --perfdata
[OK] Virtual Machine, according configured rules
   [OK] Compute Resource Usage
      [OK] CPU Usage
       \_ [OK] 123 MHz out of 12.4 GHz used, 12.2 GHz (99.01%) free           
      [OK] Memory Usage
       \_ [OK] -62.00 MiB out of 8.00 GiB (-0.76%) free           
      [OK] Active Memory Usage
       \_ [OK] 4.16 GiB out of 8.00 GiB (52.00%) free           
   [OK] Disk Health
      [OK] Snapshot Policy
       \_ [OK] There are no snapshots           
      [OK] Disk Usage
       \_ [OK] / has 13.90 GiB out of 17.75 GiB (78.31%) free           
       \_ [OK] /boot has 134.86 MiB out of 233.32 MiB (57.80%) free           
       \_ [OK] /opt has 99.29 GiB out of 166.80 GiB (59.53%) free           
       \_ [OK] /tmp has 1043.43 MiB out of 1118.13 MiB (93.32%) free           
       \_ [OK] /var has 1060.79 MiB out of 6.19 GiB (16.74%) free           
   [OK] Configuration Policy
      [OK] Guest Utilities Policy
       \_ [OK] Guest Tools (v11.3.33) are up to date and running