How to send notification when plugin output changes

I’ve written a plugin to get alarms from vSphere and it works as expected. However, if a second alarm occurs with the same state, icinga does not send a new notification as there is no state change.

I could not find any option that forces icinga to send a notification every time the plugin output changes. If that’s correct can anybody provide an idea how to achieve this customer request?

Hmm… we have the same problem with every passive check like SNMP-Traps, syslog or if the backup script sends ok and some addional Information. And as Service state the server, scripts sends still the same state (that mean no state change).
But if the server, storage or whatever sends this to icinga only the plugin output changes and that was it. No mail, no new history entry.

So I have also no idea. But good that you opened a thread for this, it was also on my to do. I would therefore like to cling to this topic.