How to "restore former object" for many changes aka "revert changes"


Versions are: Director 1.7.0, IcingaWeb2.7.3

I had made changes into custom properties for 94 hosts and deployed them.
Realized, that I messed up and need to revert to previous configuration.
I did: Director, Activity log, Deployments, [chosen previous config]
Config, [re-deploy now]. Done.
Happy, everything is good. Except:
In Director, Activity log I see [Deploy pending 94 changes]. Okay, I think, I shall delete them all at one click, but how? Only solution is go one-by-one change: select each line and click [Restore former object]? That is kind of solution, but …
My questions is:

  1. how to revert to wanted configuration (deployment) and avoid building list of changes
  2. how to clean several/all changes that are going to be deployed?

Best regards,