How to request deployment-status, when last deployment failed

Hi together,

I would like to monitor the deployment status.
I have implemented everything according to these instructions.
But I only get back the active deployment, not the most recent one.
Can someone please give me the url or a way to get the latest deployment?

For the test, I passed a variable with a $ character to a service. Then the deployment fails.
In this state, I queried the deployment status with

GET director/config/deployment-status

It looked like this:

{'active_configuration': {'activity': 'ef6c366...',
                          'config': 'cab665ea...',
                          'stage_name': 'ea2c0cbe...'}}

I queried deployment status for config with

GET director/config/deployment-status?configs=cab665ea...

and got back

{'active_configuration': {'activity': 'ef6c366...',
                          'config': 'cab665ea...',
                          'stage_name': 'ea2c0cbe...'},
 'configs': {'cab665ea...': 'active'}}

No trace of the failed deployment…

I have also tried activities, but that doesn’t give me the latest deployment either.

What have I forgotten?

Kind regards for your help!

Do I need more permissions as written in the instructions?

More permissions doesn’t change anything

Checking if the last deployment succeeded (sadly) is only possible via the database:

Example query:

SELECT start_time, startup_succeeded, config_checksum from director_deployment_log order by start_time DESC limit 1

The startup_succeeded return is either y or n