How to remove default dashboards

Is there a way to remove (some of) the default dashboard?
I defined my own and don’t really need the default ones …

When you navigate to “Dashboard” > “Settings” is a trash bin icon on the right of every dashboard and dashlet, clicking it will create an entry in /etc/icingaweb2/dashboards/YOURUSER/dashboard.ini so the dashboard is not show to you any longer!

You can also do this globally but this requires some coding like

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oh, that removes the whole dashboard, not just the dashlet …

you don’t happen to know if there is also a way to re-order dashboards?
especially changing the one shown first would be nice :slight_smile:

The order of the sections in the file does matter, but not sure if you can simply use this to reorder the default ones.

nope, i tried … too bad :slight_smile: