How to reload or restart icinga with nrpe plugins

I am new to Icinga and I will appreciate if you can help me with the following issues:

  1. Icinga is morning /export/home and /var filesystems and reporting on the WEB UI that the /export/home and /var filesystem not found with CRITICAL RED alerts…

The /export/home and /var doesn’t need to be monitored. We only want / root fileystem to be monitored because every other filesystems resides in / root filesystem. We are using Icinga with nagios plugins. (nrpe to be exact on Linux platforms).

How can I remove /export/home and /var from the configuration and restart icinga or nrpe. I have already commented both file services out from the Web UI, but both filesystem are still showing “CRITICAL” RED alerts on the Web UI.

  1. How can I find out what version of Icinga was installed in my environment?