How to pull/get a list of ONLY notified users

Is there a way to pull/get/export a list of all users that gets notification ?

Hi, what do you want exactly?
A history which users got an notification about error messages in the past? Or which users are configured in the director to get notifications?
If you mean the second one, I hope you know that the director offers download options for the config :

hi. we need a list of users that configured in any object and will get notifications. there are thousands of users which does not get anything, yet they are there.

Ok, for this case I don’t know a list. I only know the download options. But I think it should be possible to get a list with the icinga dsl using the console or you will do this task with a sql query from the director db.

You could get a list using the REST API or this command:

icinga2 object list -t notification