How to obtain which machine the service runs on in HA mode?

I have four icinga instances,and all endpoints in the master zone work as high-availability setup. They will load-balance the check execution. How do I know which checks are running on each endpoints? Or the check of some service runs on which machine?
Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

You can see this in the web interface.
Go to the specific host/service and look at the “check source” under “Check execution”

The first question,which table is this information stored in the database?I think the check_source can be viewed in icinga Web because it is stored in icinga database.
The second question, how do I know which checks are running on each endpoints?
Many thanks in advance!

I guess you are correct. I thought this information was extracted from the API, but querying a specific object does not show a check_source attribute.

No idea, tbh.
You will ahve to crawl the IDO schema yourself :wink:

My guess: A DB query for the different check sources, after you found the correct table and corresponding tables (joins etc.)

Thanks so much!12.5. IDOUtils Database Model is very helpful!