How To Monitor JavaScript-based Web UI availability and performance?

Hi guys,
Hope you have a recommendation for me.

With a growing number of applications being web based it would be good to monitor availability and performance of the Web UIs. But the UIs are growing more complex, are completely JavaScript/Node.js based, not plain HTML any more and so a simple “check_http” cannot handle them any more. Running a wget or curl against such a service will result only on some tags but no real data that can be interpreted.

Authentication is the second problem, as many systems don´t provide basic authentication any more but use SSO or a form based authentication, where the common plugins can only do Basic auth.

As far as I know Sakuli would be a possible way to get this sorted, but Sakuli 1 is a bit of a pain in the a… to configure, not supported any more and Sakuli2 offers Icinga Forwarding only as Enterprise function for a monthly fee.

I also tried but it doesn´t work for me either. The output does not match expectations. i.e. wether I give a wrong password or the correct one it says authentication works, but authenticated access never works.

How do you monitor web based user interfaces with Icinga2?

Any help would be appreciated!



I have no solution for you, but I’m also interested in this topic. We also see this is coming more and more. So I’ll just stick on this topic and wait what is comming :slight_smile:

Nobody, anything?
I had hoped that more people face this kind of request.


Just a quick answer:
Maybe this is a start point: