How to monitor DHCP and DNS servers

I want to monitor my windows DHCP Servers , DNS Servers and Emails servers . Please write the configurations in steps as I am new to icinga


Hi and welcome to our community.

Please check the docs to getting started your monitoring:

No one will write your monitoring cluster, this is a forum and not a consultant or service community :wink:



by doing your homework and providing details on your hosts and an example service you’d want to monitor, things will work more easily. Still, we are professionals with a day job as well, and can neither do your work for free, nor guess what exactly you want to do. Besides, if you need professional assistance, a partner may help you.




if you are using a windows server you can install an icinga2 agent for the communication to your master system and create a powershell plugin to get the informations (with get-dhcpserverv4lease for example).

i dont know if its the best way to do this, but i dont found a better solution…

@mfriedrich which way do you prefer to monitor a dhcp server on windows with icinga?

DHCP and DNS can be best monitored with a “hybrid” approach.

  • Use the Icinga agent on the hosts to check if the service is running
  • Use Logmanagement like Elastic Stack to check if the logs contain any errors
  • Use plugins like check_dhcp and check_dns on systems that can reach the servers via network (but are not DHCP or DNS servers themselves) and simulate a client. e.g. do a DNS resolution and request an IP

hello thomas thanks for your answer!